Environmental Policy

We have an ongoing commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our operations. Given the correct procedures, the impact of tree work and vegetation removal on our environment can be kept to a minimum.

During each site visit, an inspection is made to ensure that the proposed work will not harm nesting birds, bats or mammals protected under the Wildlife And Countryside Act 1981. Under Law most birds nests that are no longer in use may be removed. From time to time we may come across nesting birds whilst work is underway. In this situation work will have to halt or a buffer-zone left around the nest until the occupants have fledged. In the event of bats or other protected mammals, work will be halted and advice sought from the Natural England Wildlife Management And Wildlife Service. This will not affect the price we have agreed.

Machinery, Fuel and Oils
We only use plant derived bio-chain-oil and bio-two-stroke in our handheld machinery, meaning less harmful emissions into the atmosphere. It also means that in the unlikely event of a spillage, the impact on soil, water and the organisms that live in them are reduced. We have invested in tools powered by the new Stihl 4-mix engine, which produces fewer emissions than traditional two-stroke engines.

Customers are welcome to keep and put into use the woodchip and logwood generated from their work. Otherwise we remove them, to be seasoned for use as mulch and firewood. Nothing is wasted.