About Us

Laverock Tree Care is a partnership run by brothers Simon and Paul Laverock, who started the company early in 2006. Since then Laverock Tree Care has built a growing portfolio of loyal customers based on recommendation and repeat custom.

Prior to starting Laverock Tree Care, both brothers attained academic and vocational qualifications in the field, plus experience working with a number of local tree surgeons.


Paul achieved a HND in Countryside Management from Hadlow College, before working as a freelance tree surgeon for four years.


Simon achieved an Honours Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Greenwich, before working as a groundsman at the Kent County Showground for four show seasons.  During 2012 Simon was awarded the Arboricultural Association Technician’s Certificate in Arboriculture.

They have attained NPTC and LANTRA chainsaw, woodchipper, tree felling and climbing certificates as well as an IPAF certificate in mobile elevated work platform operation.

They provide us with oxygen, fruits, timber, firewood, shelter, shade, plus support a vast array of wildlife. The presence of trees in our streets and gardens raises the amenity value of our area and can even raise the value of our property.

When work on these trees is required, they surely deserve the work to be undertaken with care?

We are of the view that a job is only done if it is done well. When naming our company we chose our own name because we are committed to providing our customers with a service that we can truly put our name to.